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Studies have shown a high rate of suicide in the veterinary community. One of every six veterinary school grads in a 2014 CDC survey said they’d considered taking their own life.

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It's not just Wednesday — it's Change a Pet's Life Day.


The Dallas Zoo welcomed five new elephants last month as part of an import from Swaziland. They’ve just finished their mandatory quarantine, and staffers are preparing them for their public debut.  


The Dallas Zoo is among three American zoos looking to import 18 elephants that are in danger in Swaziland, a country in southern Africa. As they wait for approval from the federal government, animal rights activists are speaking out against the move. 

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It’s common to train service dogs to help veterans with physical disabilities. But how about helping them with post traumatic stress disorder? The Veterans Administration is launching a major study to find out what effect specially-trained service dogs can have on a veterans ability to cope with life after service. Veterans who already rely on service dogs say the research should have been done years ago.

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The bluebonnets are popping up across North Texas. And folks are running through the bluebonnet fields to take pictures. But we also love snapping pictures of animals in the wildflowers -- especially dogs. 

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We interrupt your day … to bring you video of a cute baby otter learning to swim.

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: Gov. Rick Perry turns himself in – then goes out for ice cream; recent rains aren’t helping North Texas lakes; a Denton college is housing students at the Holiday Inn; and more.

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Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center says its shelter is full and officials are encouraging North Texans to adopt.


The human genome has been in the spotlight for nearly a decade now, but some researchers say we can learn a lot about ourselves from sequencing the genomes of other animals — like snakes. A team of scientists led by a researcher at the University of Texas at Arlington sequenced the full genome of a Burmese python for the first time, and discovered just how extreme the reptile is.

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There’s been a baby boom at the Dallas and Fort Worth Zoos. Earlier this month, both zoos announced animal births -- that's on top of several other animals born in recent months.

Want to see some cute videos and pictures of these baby animals? You know you do.

Cheetahs and okapis and jaguars, oh my!

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Five stories that have North Texans talking: Adorable animals at the Dallas Zoo, give to your favorite nonprofit today, have you ever tried the McEverything, and more.

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There aren’t many places in Texas you can find sheep, ostrich, and the intestines of a reindeer together in one room. Especially not preserved to show you the inner workings of the organs and animals themselves. But that’s exactly what you’ll find at the Perot Museum of Natural Science starting this weekend in a new exhibit called “Animals, Inside Out.” 

Dallas, TX – The City of Dallas and animal advocates are joining forces to end the euthanasia of adoptable pets. KERA's Shelley Kofler has more on the effort to make Dallas a no-kill community.

At the Dallas Animal Shelter most of the cleanly scrubbed kennels are filled with lost and abandoned pets.

Catherine Baxter, shelter employee: I think we usually do an intake of about of at least 100 animals a day.