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Quick quiz: What do Judy Garland's rendition of "Over the Rainbow," N.W.A's seminal Straight Outta Compton and the inaugural episode of NPR's All Things Considered have in common?

That little riddle just got a little easier to answer on Wednesday: The Library of Congress announced that all three "aural treasures" — along with roughly two dozen other recordings — have been inducted into its National Recording Registry.

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: Coco is here!; NPR is here!; NBC is here!; and more.

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It’s not quite like Pee Wee’s adventure through Texas. (No, there’s no basement in the Alamo.) But NPR has been exploring the Lone Star state in recent weeks – and the network is invading North Texas all week long, broadcasting “All Things Considered,” the afternoon news magazine, from the KERA Newsroom in Dallas.

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Five stories that have North Texas talking: Batter up in Arlington today; NPR invades Texas this week; Conan is visiting Dallas; and more.