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Winfrey Point Conservators Remain Cautiously Optimistic

May 9, 2012

Citizens opposed to parking plans at White Rock Lake are relieved after the City of Dallas announced  the grassy fields at Winfrey Point won't be used for Arboretum parking. But the discussion about where cars will park continues.

Cristi McCarty was among those with the Save Winfrey Point group who heard the news while delivering 8,000 petitions to Dallas City Council members.

“We are not anti-Arboretum, we simply want them to look at other options," McCarty said. "We’re very pleased that is the direction they are going now.”

Councilmembers called for more transparency after the tense week-long back and forth. But Councilmember Dwaine Caraway reminded residents that compromise may not come easily.

“Parking for the arboretum is going to have to be somewhere," Caraway said. "To the neighborhood that’s here, have an open mind that we have a responsibility to make sure that the arboretum is safe, beautiful, and vibrant.”