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Top Takeaways From #TheBrokenHip Twitter Chat

May 15, 2014

One in five. That’s how many people who break a hip after age 50 die within a year. Why? What makes recovery easy for some and impossible for others? Here’s a recap of our Twitter chat for The Broken Hip.

Find out why a broken hip can be deadly, and how to prevent one during KERA’s #TheBrokenHip twitter chat this Thursday, May 15, 2 to 3 p.m. Central time. Details below.

Chime in, share you experience, and make connections on KERA’s #TheBrokenHiptwitter chat.

When: Thursday, May 15, 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Central time

Who: KERA’s health reporter Lauren Silverman (@lsilverwoman) will host the conversation. Our featured guests are Dr. Alan Jones of Baylor Medical Center (@BaylorHealth), Dr. Bryce Allen of Scott & White Health (@SWHealthcare) and senior care experts Laurie Miller (@lauriefmiller), Angil Tarach (@AngilTarachRN), and Denise Brown (@caregiving).

Where: On Twitter…

How: Here’s how it’ll happen. On Thursday, May 15, 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Central time I’ll tweet a question with the hashtag #TheBrokenHip. Each question will be numbered, so your response should be too! Here’s an example:

My Question: Q1: What’s are some ways to prevent a hip fracture? #TheBrokenHip

Your Response: A1: Monitor and treat osteoporosis, create a safe home environment & exercise. #TheBrokenHip

*To easily follow the conversation, use TweetChat and follow the hashtag #TheBrokenHip,


  • Feel free to chime in, ask questions, and share your experience.
  • Don’t forget to include #TheBrokenHip hashtag in every tweet so the group can see your comments.
  • During the chat enter #TheBrokenHip into the search field on Twitter so you can follow the conversation.

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