Top Stories: North Texans Heading To Protest Family Separations At The Border | KERA News

Top Stories: North Texans Heading To Protest Family Separations At The Border

Jun 28, 2018

The top local stories this morning from KERA News:

Another group of North Texans is headed for Brownsville to protest the separation of migrant children from their parents on Thursday. One hundred members of the immigrant rights group United Fort Worth left by bus from St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Richardson. 

Trip organizer Norma Garcia Lopez told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that the trip hits home for her.

“It's personal because I was one of those kids,” Garcia Lopez said. “I can't imagine being separated from my parents at all."

The American Civil Liberties Union paid for the buses to Brownsville. A diverse group of activists from North Texas protested outside detention centers at the border last weekend.

Meanwhile, First Lady Melania Trump's making a return visit to the border region to visit immigration centers that house migrants. Mrs. Trump traveled to McAllen last Thursday to meet with officials dealing with families detained at the border and with some children at one of the facilities.

Other stories this morning:

  • The Nigerian film industry – known as Nollywood – is the established hub of the African film world. North Texas audiences will get a chance to see movies made in Cameroon, Ghana, Uganda and other countries across the continent. The Big Screen team previews the African Film Festival this weekend.

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