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Storms, Floods, Tornadoes Hit Texas: At Least 6 Dead

Nov 1, 2015

The death toll now stands at six in Texas as more bodies were recovered on Saturday after another band of strong storms and heavy rain spawned three tornadoes and dangerous flooding in the waterlogged state.

Saturday was the second day of turbulent weather in Texas. At least four people died Friday in flood waters in central Texas. The storms and suspected tornadoes socked an already-sodden swath of Texas that was still drying out from the remnants of Hurricane Patricia.

In the Houston area, some locations had received nearly 12 inches of rain since Friday. The water flooded streets and freeway frontage roads and caused bayous to spill over their banks. The Houston Fire Department says it responded to more than 130 water rescues on Saturday, and some public light-rail and bus transportation was suspended.

Houston officials also say they had received 44 reports of structural flooding, including homes and businesses.

Houston police discovered two bodies that are believed to be weather-related deaths.

Authorities found the body of an elderly woman who had been swept away from her home in the Austin area. The woman's body was found Saturday afternoon, Travis County Emergency Services spokeswoman Lisa Block said. Her name hasn't been released. Block says the woman and a man had been swept away by flood waters on Friday from their southeast Travis County home. The man was found alive and treated at a hospital.

Earlier Saturday, the body of a man who went missing after his vehicle was caught in floodwaters in Travis County was also recovered, as well as the bodies of two people in Houston.

Two bodies were recovered in the Austin and San Antonio areas Friday.

Tornadoes strike Houston area, National Weather Service says

The National Weather Service says tornadoes caused damage in three Houston-area communities Saturday.

Between 10 and 30 homes were damaged about 7 a.m. Saturday in a subdivision in eastern Harris County by a radar-confirmed tornado, meteorologist Patrick Blood says.

In the Houston suburb of Friendswood, one home had a collapsed roof from a tornado that hit about 5:30 a.m. Saturday. Friendswood officials say no one was injured because the home's residents were away. About 30 other homes had minor damage.

Officials had previously reported that about 25 trailer homes were damaged and two people were injured at about 5 a.m. when a radar-confirmed tornado went through Alvin, located 30 miles south of Houston.