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Police: Injured Man May Have Caused Explosion

Jun 18, 2012

An unidentified man in Plano is in critical but stable condition after an explosion near a gas line apparently injured him. 

Officer David Tilley with the Plano Police Department said residents called just before midnight last night complaining of gun shots. On arrival, officers found a man saying he was a jogger and a hit-and-run victim whom they took to the hospital.  Tilley says police also found a nearby leaky gas line, and evidence of an explosion perhaps triggered by the man, whose story was consistent with an explosion and not a hit and run.   "Whatever it was that exploded this individual had is what caused that valve to trip. The explosion was not caused by an Atmos equipment. That was not compromised. We’re trying to out why he was there, what type of device that this was that exploded, basically, what the intent was," he said. Plano police say they hope to learn more from the man, who is still recovering in the hospital.