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Officers With Lassos Chase An Angry Bull Through The Streets Of Waco

Mar 19, 2014

Waco had its own version of the Running of the Bulls Tuesday.

A bull ran through the city before animal control cowboys finally grabbed it.

The Waco Tribune-Herald reports that the bull was being vaccinated when he broke out and ran for it. A man wielding a whip and lasso “chased the bull in a red pickup truck,” the newspaper reports. Police cars followed.

The bull landed in a fenced yard, where his adventure came to an end. Animal control cowboys arrived with horses and lassos.

A Waco police spokesman told the newspaper that this happens from time to time – but usually in the country. “The good thing about living in Texas is that it’s not too long after you call a cowboy that you get one coming to you,” the spokesman said.

The Waco Police Department posted this wrap-up of the roundup on its Facebook page:

“Coolest thing about living in Texas … there's always a cowboy around when ya need one!
… Didn't like the pokin and prodding he was gettin I spose, made it all the way to 3rd and LaSalle where our patrol cowboys corralled him up. From that point the real cattle handlers arrived and got the bull trailered and back to the owner.

“Few scratches to the bull from jumping fences but he should be back with the ladies and in the saddle again in no time! Bet he is glad that's over!! I know we are.”