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Hispanic Students Talk About Stereotypes, Cultural Pride

Nov 17, 2014

Hundreds of super-bright Latino teens spent four days in Dallas for leadership training. It was part of the National Hispanic Institute’s annual meeting. As part of KERA’s American Graduate Initiative, Bill Zeeble talked with a pair of the students from McAllen about stereotypes of South Texas and cultural pride.

Eugenio Trevino and Bianca Mujica attend the BETA public high school in McAllen, a magnet campus focused on business, education, and technology. Eugenio is the first student we hear:

We also heard from Bianca Mujica with her classmate, Eugenio Trevino.

Bianca Mujica goes to high school in McAllen, where she's a senior. The plans on taking journalism courses in college, at UNT.
Credit Bill Zeeble / KERA News

He plans to study history and political science at Baylor and possibly run for office someday. She wants to be a reporter and eventually write novels.  They were among the hundreds of Latino students in Dallas over the weekend.