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Donald Trump To Return To Texas Next Month

Sep 25, 2016

Texas remains largely uncompetitive in the presidential contest, but Donald Trump continues to lean hard on the state in the final stretch of his campaign.

The GOP nominee will return to Texas on Oct. 11 for at least one fundraiser, in Dallas, according to two sources close to the Trump campaign. The goal is to raise $5 million to $8 million during his time in the Lone Star State, one of those sources said. Meanwhile, his campaign is urgently inviting donors and bundlers to raise money at Trump headquarters in New York City next week.

Texas is a perennial top fundraising state in both parties. But Trump's reliance on Texas has escalated after the Republican National Convention. Since late August, Trump has twice raised money in Texas, and two of his children embarked on their own fundraising swings in the state last week.

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine was in Houston this week for the same purpose. 

Beyond in-state money raising, the Trump campaign is pushing donors and bundlers to travel to campaign headquarters at Trump Tower in New York City for a "national call day" next Tuesday. GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence and two of Trump's children, Eric and Ivanka Trump, will take part in the fundraising spree.  

Participants are requested to prepare "call lists of prospective donors to be made by you and campaign surrogates," according to an invitation obtained by The Texas Tribune. The aim is to raise $5 million to 10 million in the Tuesday push, according to a source close to the Trump campaign. 

Additionally, the first four bundlers to raise $250,000 in new money by 5 p.m. EDT on Friday will receive a seat at Monday's debate. 

The Texas Tribune provided this story.