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Dallas Librarians Study Up On Health Law

Jul 12, 2013

And you thought learning the Dewey Decimal System was hard. Librarians across the country have been recruited to help people seeking health insurance figure out their options under Obamacare.   

At the annual American Library Association conference, on June 26th, President Obama challenged librarians to be on the front line of providing information about the Affordable Care Act. Up to 17,000 U.S. libraries will be part of the effort -- including Dallas Public Library

Jasmine Africawala, Dallas Public Library's Community Engagement Administrator, attended the conference. She says in September, staff will “be trained on what the Affordable Care Act means and also how to guide customers to the resources they need to sign up for health care on the exchange.”

The training session in September will also be open to other city of Dallas employees and community partners.

Find out more  on the Dallas Public Library's website, which already features a link to Healthcare.gov.