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Dallas City Council Will Discuss Plastic Bag Ban

Jun 10, 2013

Dallas City Councilman Dwaine Caraway pushed his plastic bag ban in a committee today.  He says empty grocery bags blow through and pollute neighborhoods.

Caraway says no one wants to pick up the bags or pay to have them cleared. But eventually, he said someone will have to clean them up if we don’t eliminate them.  

“We can pay today or we can pay tomorrow. Or we can begin a process today that will address cleaning it up for the future.”

Caraway wants food companies to offer re-usable bags at no charge to shopper. The Quality of Life Committee voted to send the bag ban proposal to the full council at some later date.

Environmental activists favor the ban. Some grocery stores oppose it, citing cost and convenience issues. Several Texas cities have already adopted a ban similar to Caraway’s,