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A Cry For Two-Ply: TCU Students Demand Softer, Thicker Toilet Paper

Jan 23, 2014

At Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, students were bummed out about the ongoing tissue issue: the toilet paper is too thin.

The university had changed to one-ply to save some money. But students have complained about the one-ply toilet paper for months, if not years. They’ve cried for the two-ply. Thick, luxurious toilet paper for all! More cushion for the tush, you know.  

“It feels like a pine cone. I don’t appreciate the way that the toilet paper feels for $50,000 a year,” Cory Wegner, a senior, told TCU360. “I feel like we can afford better.”

Students – and others – have sounded off on Twitter about the thin toilet tissue.

Like this:

And this:

Cody Westphal, student body president, had received many student complaints. One said it was similar to “the government’s incarceration facilities.” Another called it “sandpaper.”

"The low quality of 1-ply toilet paper encourages inefficiencies through overuse," Westphal said, according to TCU360.

Getting to the bottom of the TP matter

The TP issue was in the toilet. Finally, this week, something was done about it.

TCU’s Student Government Association passed a resolution this week that urges the university to change from one-ply to two-ply.

University administrators are now expressing support for the change back to the thicker paper.

“One part of the issue is a simple comfort factor,” student Luke Baldwin told KTVT (Channel 11). “You just can’t put a price tag on single ply versus double ply. You’ve got to think what’s more comfortable for the person using it.”


TCU isn't alone. Last year, Duke University decided to use two-ply toilet paper.

At TCU, the students feel flush with success. And now the university is attracting a lot of attention: