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Ann Zadeh Wins Runoff Election In Fort Worth's District 9 Race

Jun 23, 2014

For nearly 25 years, Ann Zadeh watched new developments in Fort Worth. As a former city planner, she even watched City Council meetings for fun. But after this past weekend’s run-off election in the District 9 race, she’ll represent the area as the newest City Council member.

“To have a job where I can put all of those talents and passions to use in a district that I live in, in a city that I love, to make Fort Worth a great place to live and work and play, is basically a dream come true," she said.

Zadeh beat out Ed Lasater in this past weekend’s runoff election. Lasater told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: "I believe in when you take a vote, and when someone is elected, you respect it and move on. Ann ran a great campaign and she is a going to be a great council-person."


Zadeh will replace Joel Burns, who’s headed to Massachusetts to get a master's in public administration at the Harvard Kennedy School.

“As the city grows, it’s important that redevelopment happens in a thoughtful way, a sustainable way, that takes into consideration the impact that it has on those already here," she said.

Zadeh won her seat with more than 53 percent of the votes. She'll be sworn into office in mid-July.